Reading books – priceless treasure

04 Приказка за търговеца и демонаIt can be stated that reading books is an irreplaceable treasure. When someone reads a book, they discover a new world, a new universe. Nowadays, people inform themselves from both paper and electronic sources. According to my view, the desire for knowledge is a result of training and habits which are educated in childhood.
It is usually claimed that kids cannot read a book on their own, therefore, adults are responsible for make them desire to read. There are so many interesting children`s books and fairy tales that provoke even parents. Recently, my point had confirmed one more time by the series Magical Treasure of The World (publishers: Svetoslav Kantardzhiev  and New Media Group).
Certainly, if the book is picturesque and exciting, the reader eagerly read page after page, chapter after chapter. In my opinion, the earlier a kid learns to read, the faster it is prepared for real life. Eventually, he or she expends his/ her knowledge. In addition, students at primary school read educational literature but it is also important to be familiar with fiction books.
In conclusion, do not forget that reading enriches a vocabulary – treasure which could not be bought or loaned, it is priceless…

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